About Bekir Ormancı

For Bekir Ormancı, the most profound understanding of societies arises from observing people in the midstof their lives. To this purpose, he has toured and photographed many regions of Turkey down to their remotest villages before extending his lens around the world.

The common denominator of his photographs is always people. Besides human relationships, his work focuses on people at work. In these photographs, the settings add depth to the human theme. Ormancı’s photographs communicate the peace and life force that arises between humans and their environments.Ormancı’s photography has been shaped by his work as a glassmaker, designing objects, in turn influencing his understanding of patterns.

For Ormancı, photography is a way to enrich one’s world view. He also believes that the practice of photography enhances the relationship between an individual and their work. Born in Malatya, Ormancı started taking photographs during his years at the Kabataş high school. With a
focus on black and white photography he worked for many years on printing and infrared techniques. He has had eight solo exhibits to date.